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2 mg or 5 mg Melatonin: Which REMfresh Dose is Right for You?

If you’re sick of counting sheep to fall asleep, it may be time to consider a high-quality melatonin sleep aid like REMfresh. Developed to mimic your body’s natural production of the sleep-inducing hormone, REMfresh is the only product delivering 99% ultra-pure melatonin for up to 7 hours. Ideal for individuals struggling with occasional sleeplessness or disrupted sleep schedules, a melatonin sleep aid like REMfresh may not only help you fall asleep and stay asleep, but it can also help you wake up feeling refreshed with no drug hangover.

If you’re ready to improve your overall sleep quality with REMfresh, your first question is probably “how much should I take?” Available in 2 mg and 5 mgs formulations, the correct melatonin dosage depends on your individual sleep problems and needs.

Finding the Right Dose of Melatonin

Before you jump to purchase the highest dose of REMfresh melatonin available, you should be sure that you’re taking the right amount to treat your personal sleep issues. Everyone is different and what works for a relative or friend, may not have the same results for you.

To determine what dose of REMfresh melatonin you should be taking, start with one or two tablets of the lowest dose, 2 mg, and move up from there if you’re still struggling with sleeplessness. This allows you to see how your mind and body will respond to the melatonin and gauge whether you need more or less. Just be sure you don’t exceed the maximum recommended dose of 10 mg per night.

REMfresh Senior Medical Advisor, Otolaryngologist and Sleep Medicine Specialist, David Brodner, M.D., explains how to find the right dose of REMfresh melatonin for your specific needs and what else you can do to improve your quality of sleep.

To get the best results from REMfresh, it is recommended that this sleep aid be used in conjunction with our Sleep Hygiene Cycle™. This includes evaluating and optimizing your daily habits and routine to help improve your chances of sleeping better at night. In addition, make sure you give REMfresh enough time to show its full effects. REMfresh was featured in a peer reviewed presentation at the 2017 SLEEP Conference and in clinical trials, for individuals who took 2 mg per night of REMfresh melatonin, it took up to three weeks for the product to become useful for sleep.

If you’re ready to give REMfresh a try, you can purchase our 2 mg and 5 mg formulations on our website, on Amazon or at a local CVS, Rite Aid or Walmart. Quality sleep is precious and with the help of the right dose of REMfresh melatonin, you can get the support your mind and body needs to get a good night’s sleep.