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7 Reasons Sleep Should be Your Biggest Priority

We all looovvvve sleep yet most of us just aren’t getting enough. Sleep is so important but we still tend to prioritize other aspects of our lives instead of getting a solid seven hours of shut-eye. According to the National Sleep Foundation, American adults are more concerned about fitness, work and hobbies rather than their sleep. And sadly, we are sleeping even less than previous generations, and the quality of our sleep has decreased. The CDC found that 1 in 3 Americans are not sleeping 7 hours a night – the minimum recommendation for maintaining your overall well-being.

Even more alarming, it turns out not getting enough sleep may take a serious toll on your health.

What Happens to Your Body When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation can make a major impact on how you feel and function. A good night’s sleep ensures you’re doing your best to help your body and mind perform optimally.  People with acute sleep deprivation can start to experience symptoms right away. In addition to daytime sleepiness, they may suffer from excessive yawning and a host of other problems that can make daily activities feel downright exhausting.

sleep deprivation effects your body function

Here are 7 reasons why sleep should be your number one priority:

Better Memory Retention

After you’ve got a poor night of sleep, do you ever feel like you can’t remember what you had for breakfast? Or if you even had breakfast? That’s because a lack of sleep has been found to lead to diminished memory retention. When we are asleep, our brains begin to organize all the information we took in from the day and store it into different compartments. Think of it as cleaning out your inbox and categorizing your correspondence into spam versus important email files.  Adequate sleep gives our brain the time it needs to make these connections.

Optimizing the Immune System

Not only does a lack of sleep make us physically tired, but poor sleep can exhaust your immune system as well. When your immune system is not properly functioning, you are at an increased risk of catching colds and the flu. Sound sleep can improve your immune function and ward off ailments caused by a range of viruses and bacteria.

Reduced Inflammation

One of the easiest solutions to your body’s redness, swelling and pain is more sleep. This is due to a direct connection between sleep and a reduction in inflammation. It has also been found that not enough sleep can increase inflammation and the pain that comes with it. Scientists are discovering that inflammation may be the new underlying issue of a host of diseases and illness.

Increased Risk of Stroke and Heart Disease

If you’re dealing with tossing and turning throughout the night, you could be putting yourself at a greater risk of stroke and heart disease. When you fail to get sound sleep, your blood pressure may rise, putting your heart in some serious trouble. Inadequate sleep is also linked to an irregular release of cortisol. Too much exposure to cortisol may put your heart health in danger.

Poor Sleep Can Leave You Stressed

Have your found yourself snapping at people for trivial matters or panicking to meet deadlines after you’ve been struggling to sleep? Yes, we are all getting older, but that doesn’t mean we have to be grumpy. The way our bodies react to the effects of daily stress can make it difficult for us to unwind before bed and fall into restorative sleep. This can cause a vicious cycle of stress, poor sleep, stress, poor sleep. Most of us need to relax before our head hits the pillow, so try some gentle stretching, a warm bath or reading a book.

poor sleep can leave you stressed

Optimize Athlete’s Performance

There’s much more that goes into your athletic performance than just working out and eating right. If you want to be a star in your sport, quality sleep could be the key you’ve been missing. When athletes achieve vital REM sleep, they give their body time to repair muscles and tendons, and increase their energy levels.

Lack of Sleep Can Lead to Weight Gain

People who don’t get enough sleep usually eat more calories than those who do in order to fuel the additional waking hours. It has been found that a lack of sleep can leave you with a bigger appetite and a tendency to eat more. If you’re going on a diet, be sure you’re getting sufficient sleep – if you are well rested, you are likely to lose more body fat than when you are sleep deprived.

How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

If you feel like your sleep is becoming an underlying health issue, you should consult a physician. It’s important to start addressing your sleep issues for your long term health. This includes implementing our Sleep Hygiene Cycle:

  • Make Your Bedroom a Sleep Sanctuary
  • Avoid Caffeine After Noon
  • Avoid Exercise, Alcohol, and Large Meals Before Bedtime
  • Get Two Hours of Calm Activity Right before Bedtime
  • Avoid Looking at Blue Screen Devices in Bed
  • Take REMfresh® 2 mg or 5 mg Nightly
  • Go to Bed at the Same Time

Studies have shown that many people who suffer from occasional sleeplessness can benefit from melatonin products like REMfresh

How REMfresh Can Help

If you suffer from occasional sleeplessness, know you’re not alone and that there are some easy remedies that can have you feeling awake and performing at your peak. Getting your Sleep Hygiene Cycle in check should be your first step.

REMfresh is the only melatonin sleep aid on the market that continually releases the sleep hormone to not only help you fall asleep, but to stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed. This is due to our patented Ion-Powered Pump technology, created to keep you sleeping soundly for seven hours. Developed with Ultramel™ melatonin, this clinically-tested sleep aid can also help decrease the time it takes you to fall asleep.

If you’re looking to improve your overall well-being, you should start by getting your sleep hygiene in check. You put yourself at risk for a number of ailments when you aren’t getting enough sleep. If you need help with your sleeplessness, REMfresh melatonin may be just what you need! Of course, before starting any new supplement you should consult your physician.  Always remember, there is no magic pill for everyone’s sleep problems but REMfresh and a healthy Sleep Hygiene Cycle is a great start!