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Coping with Your Partner’s Sleep-Depriving Snores

Is your partner’s thunderous snoring loud enough to shake the house? While your snoring spouse probably has no problem sleeping through his or her extra-loud nose breathing, that may not be the case for you. Being woken up by what sounds like a freight train crashing through your bedroom walls once or twice won’t cause any long-term issues, but continuously having your sleep disturbed by someone else’s snoring will result in a sleep deficiency that can lead to physical and mental problems. With chronic poor sleep, your quality of life may also be impacted. It is important to address snoring, whether you or your partner is the culprit, before it takes a toll on your overall health or the health of others.

Here are a few tips to help you cope with a snoring partner and improve your sleep quality and quantity.

snoring sleep Partner

Determine the Cause

While occasional episodes may not be a major issue, if your partner’s snoring starts waking you up nightly you need to determine the cause to identify any underlying issues that could be the source. Some simple lifestyle changes, like weight management and investing in a good decongestant, may be all you need to silence the snorer in your life. However, if you’re still getting awakened by the sounds of snoring, you should talk to your spouse about seeing a sleep specialist who can diagnose the cause and help you both get some much-needed rest.

Get Comfortable with Ear Plugs

While ear plugs won’t drown out your partner’s ear-bending snores completely, some couples report that these do provide some relief for the volume. The problem with ear plugs, however, is that some people find them uncomfortable and invasive, especially after continued use.

Get a Sleep Divorce

sleep divorce

While a sleep divorce sounds drastic, it will save more than just your sleep. Sleeping separately allows you and your partner to optimize your sleep spaces to fit your exact needs, resulting in more rest while warding off health issues caused by a lack of sleep. More and more couples are going this route and are finding that more that just their sleep has improved. It can also strengthen your relationship because you aren’t frustrated by a snoring partner who keeps you up all night.

Try REMfresh

If you would rather sleep in the same bed as your partner and aren’t finding relief from any tips to help you sleep with a snorer, you may find that REMfresh, a high-quality melatonin supplement, may give you some relief. Featuring 99% pure Ultramel® melatonin, REMfresh delivers the sleep-inducing hormone continuously for up to 7 hours, helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. A melatonin supplement can also help you fall back to sleep quicker if you are awakened in the middle of the night. However, not all melatonin sleep aids are the same. REMfresh was developed to mimic your body’s natural melatonin release pattern, improving your quality and quantity of sleep overall.

Remember that your partner is not snoring on purpose to ruin your sleep; snoring is a medical condition that can be corrected with the proper steps. Don’t let snoring keep you or your partner up any longer by addressing the problem before it takes a toll on your health or your relationship.