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Introducing REMfresh® LITE Low-Dose Melatonin Formulation 0.5 mg

The REMfresh family of products is growing!

While one-third of the population struggles with occasional sleeplessness, that doesn’t mean everyone who is tossing and turning all night will benefit from the same solution to get a good night’s sleep. At REMfresh, it is our mission to offer high-quality, clinically-tested melatonin products to help address everyone’s sleep struggles.

The REMfresh team is excited to introduce you to our newest product: REMfresh LITE. This 0.5 mg, low-dose, advanced Ion-Powered Melatonin™ formulation is an ideal sleep solution for people requiring less melatonin. Low-dose melatonin is frequently recommended by doctors for patients 6 years and older. The small, easy-to-swallow caplets support up to 7 hours of sleep with no drug hangover. REMfresh LITE is everything you love about REMfresh, just with a lower dose of melatonin.

Why Choose REMfresh LITE?

Low-Dose Melatonin

The amount of melatonin needed nightly varies by person. While some people may need an extra-strength formulation to get the sleep they need, others really don’t need much at all. If you’re thinking about incorporating a melatonin supplement into your nightly routine, it is best to start with the lowest dosage and then titrate up. This allows your body to adjust to the supplement and helps you determine just how much your body needs.

People commonly make the mistake of assuming that taking a high dose of melatonin will lead to a better night sleep. However, everyone is different. It is important that you find the right melatonin dosage that works best for you. Speak to your doctor to help you determine the ideal amount for you and your family.

remfresh lite

Is Melatonin Appropriate for Children?

Adults aren’t the only ones who may have trouble falling and staying asleep; children can struggle with sleeplessness as well. Since kids are still growing and developing, it is important to address their sleep issues early on to ensure they are achieving a full night of quality rest. Doctors frequently recommend low-dose melatonin such as REMfresh LITE for patients 6 years and older to help reduce their sleep troubles because it is a drug-free solution. Not only is the low-dose formulation ideal for users with lower body weight, but the small caplets also are easy to swallow. REMfresh is the only low-dose, advanced, Ion-Powered melatonin with IPP® technology to help deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support.

How to Take REMfresh LITE

If you’re wondering how to take this low-dose melatonin sleep aid, it is no different than the rest of the REMfresh products. Take one to two caplets 30 to 90 minutes before you go to sleep. Be sure not to crush, chew or split the tablet. In addition to taking REMfresh LITE nightly, you should ensure your Sleep Hygiene Cycle™ has been optimized for a good night’s sleep.

REMfresh LITE is available exclusively online through our website and on If you’re tired of not getting a full night’s sleep, or you’re searching for a natural sleep solution, REMfresh may be able to help you and your family fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed!