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Scientifically Advanced Delivery Technology In Sleep Management Debuts At SLEEP 2017

  • Melatonin levels decline with age and an estimated 50 to 70 million Americans are affected by sleep difficulties, a process regulated by melatonin
  • First-ever clinical study points to the potential of non-prescription REMfresh®, a continuous release and absorption, 99 percent ultra-pure melatonin (CRA-melatonin®), as a new, drug-free product designed for 7-hour sleep
  • Data show the patented Ion Powered Pump (IPP™) technology in REMfresh® helps extend melatonin-targeted sleep maintenance levels in the body from 3.7 hours (with marketed immediate-release melatonin) to 6.7 hours, while mimicking the shape of the body’s natural melatonin blood levels during the nightly sleep cycle
  • REMfresh® builds upon the body of evidence from well-conducted prolonged-release melatonin (PR-M) studies, extending the continuous release and absorption of melatonin™ (known as the Mesa Wave) to 6.7 hours, which may further improve sleep onset, maintenance and morning alertness

Landmark clinical data presented today highlight a scientific breakthrough in the management of sleep with a drug-free, non-prescription sleep product,  REMfresh®, the first and only, continuous release and absorption melatonin™ (CRA-melatonin®) to mimic the body’s own 7-hour Mesa Wave™, a natural pattern of melatonin blood levels during a normal night’s sleep cycle. The study demonstrated the continuous release and absorption of 99 percent ultra-pure melatonin in  REMfresh® (CRA-melatonin®) was designed to induce sleep onset and provide continuous, lasting restorative sleep over 7 hours. The scientifically advanced, patented formulation, called Ion Powered Pump (IPP™) technology, replicates the way in which the body naturally releases and absorbs melatonin, unlike conventional melatonin sleep products. Since REMfresh® is not a drug, there is no drug hangover.