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Sleep Better Night After Night & Improve Your Quality of Life for Years to Come

In a perfect world, everyone would get 7-8 hours of sleep nightly, and yawning would be nonexistent. Unfortunately, however, this isn’t a perfect world, and one-third of the population struggles to get some shut-eye.

Among many of you who struggle with your sleep and wake cycles, it is common to prioritize other aspects of life over sleep. Whether it’s your job, taking care of your family or staying up late to catch up on social media or your favorite shows, there is so much that seems to take precedence over sleep – almost as though you have accepted lack of sleep as your norm. The problem is, in the long run, consistently skimping on sleep could impact your physical and mental health, decreasing your quality of life overall – and it may take years for you to notice the long-term effects from lack of quality sleep.

The good news is that you can reverse or reduce the impact sleep deprivation is having on your health and life by committing to achieving restful sleep regularly. While that is usually easier said than done, it is important to value your sleep and take steps to ensure you’re getting enough quality shut-eye.

Evaluate Your Sleep Patterns and Problems

Before you can work towards correcting what is keeping you up at night, you first have to identify the issues. Many factors could be contributing to your sleeplessness other than just a jam-packed schedule. Your age, current medications, stress levels, bedroom temperature and prolonged light exposure are just a few of the many reasons you may have trouble snoozing soundly at night. After you have identified what is contributing to your specific sleep problems, you can take the necessary steps to help maintain healthy sleep and wake cycles.

Sleep Hygiene Cycle

7 steps helps to maintain your sleep hygiene cycle

We often don’t pay attention to our daily choices. What you do today will affect you positively or negatively tomorrow. Not getting a good night’s sleep tonight will impact how you feel and perform the next day, and day after day. Additionally, the choices you make throughout the day can affect how well you’ll sleep at night and how you’ll feel the next day. When you’re practicing sleep-promoting habits and rituals during the day, you’re more likely to sleep better the next time your head hits the pillow. The Sleep Hygiene Cycle™ includes daily practices which have been found to promote deeper and more restful sleep. By taking sleep hygiene seriously, you may find that you’re falling asleep faster, staying asleep longer and enjoying the next day more frequently.

High-Quality Melatonin Supplement

To further combat sleeplessness and its effects, you should practice the Sleep Hygiene Cycle in conjunction with taking REMfresh, a nonprescription, clinically-tested, #1 sleep-doctor recommended melatonin sleep supplement. Developed with ultra-pure UltraMel® melatonin, REMfresh mimics your body’s natural production of the sleep hormone, helping you drift off to dreamland when everything else in your life is trying to keep you awake. With a unique, continuous-release delivery system, REMfresh was designed not only to help you fall asleep initially, but to keep you asleep throughout the night. In addition to providing a natural way of falling asleep, REMfresh melatonin pills don’t leave you with the feeling of a drug hangover when you wake up.

While you may not notice it right away, a lack of sleep doesn’t just make you temporarily grouchy, it can impact your overall health and long-term quality of life. Don’t ignore your sleeplessness; take the necessary steps to improve your sleep quality and your life.