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Tax Season: Sleep Tips for the Accountant’s Busiest Time of the Year

During the busiest part of their year, tax accountants live by the saying “I’ll sleep when tax season is over.” While it may seem like a quip, for most of these tax professionals, it’s true. They are counting down the minutes until midnight on April 17, 2018, and not getting very much sound sleep in between.

While accountants are focusing on meeting deadlines and the needs of their clients, they are often neglecting their own. Late hours, early mornings and short breaks don’t just affect your sleep. These bad habits impact your overall productivity, making it difficult to perform at your peak when trying to get your customers the biggest returns possible.

Some professionals have their work life balance down to a science, but most struggle to find the harmony. In addition to getting your Sleep Hygiene Cycle in check, there are a few more things to get you sleeping more soundly before the long hours and little sleep catch up to you.

Ditch the Alarm Clock

ditch the alarm clock

If you’re waking up to the not-so-soothing sound of your alarm clock every morning, then you’re not getting enough sleep. When we are not sleep deprived, our bodies fall into a natural pattern of sleep and wake cycles occurring around the same time each day, allowing us to fall asleep and rise when our bodies are ready. When our sleep patterns become irregular, we fall victim to the dreaded shrieking of our alarm clocks unpleasantly awaking us every morning – usually on the wrong side of the bed.

Instead of setting your alarm clock each night, try finding a time to go to sleep that allows you to wake up easily without the unwelcome buzzing. This may require some trial and error but waking up naturally prevents you from feeling tired, sluggish and groggy the next morning.

Start Early

The earlier you can get things done in the accounting world, the better. Start getting yourself organized in the beginning of the year to prevent rushing and panicking to meet your deadlines come April. Have your 1099s and W-2s ready to go the first part of January so you can start focusing on what’s next, such as 1040s and extension requests.

Another benefit to starting early is you can ward off procrastination, which can make you too stressed to sleep. Get things done as soon as possible so you can sleep instead of staring at your celling thinking about everything you have left to do before deadline. The more work you’re able to get done in the beginning, then the more work you can take on.

Don’t Promise Clients What You Can’t Deliver

Clients are often the biggest source of stress. While it is easy for you to manage your own procrastination, the same is not true for clients. You are at their mercy and are constantly trying to meet their needs. Often, you may end up making promises you can’t deliver to try and keep them happy. Before you say yes to more work, make sure you can absorb the extra demand based on your current workload. Clients will be much happier if you say no, rather then telling them yes and coming up short. In addition, more work means longer hours, throwing off your work life balance even more than normal.

By employing these tactics, accountants can ensure they are taking care of themselves first while still meeting the needs of their clients.

If you’re continuing to have trouble sleeping, a high-quality, sustained release melatonin supplement, such as REMfresh, may be just what you need to make it through tax season.  Available in 2 mg and 5 mg doses, REMfresh the night before can help you stay asleep longer and take on the day, no matter what life- or a client –  throws at you*. A good night’s sleep helps us perform at our prime; without it, we can only dream of getting through our workday.

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