Enter to Win REMfresh’s Latest Sleep Solution: REMfresh® LITE

Enter to Win REMfresh’s Latest Sleep Solution: REMfresh® LITE

Mar 11, 2019

When it comes to getting enough high-quality sleep, every individual’s needs are different. This means not everyone will require the same solution to his or her sleep problems. That’s why we now offer three different formulations to provide just the right amount of sleep support for everyone who is suffering from occasional sleeplessness.

We are excited to announce that #1 Sleep-Doctor Recommended REMfresh melatonin is now available in a specialty, low-dose 0.5 mg formula: REMfresh LITE.

If you want to try the new product for FREE, here is your chance: We are giving away two boxes of our new REMfresh LITE 0.5 mg formulation to three lucky winners. Enter below.

With 0.5 mg of 99% pure UltraMel® melatonin, REMfresh LITE is an ideal sleep solution for people requiring less melatonin. Low-dose melatonin is frequently recommended by doctors to patients 6 years and older to combat their sleeplessness. The small, easy to swallow caplets support up to 7 hours of sleep with no drug hangover. REMfresh LITE is everything you love about REMfresh, just with a lower dose of melatonin.

With the help of REMfresh LITE, you may be able to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and improve your sleep quality overall.

Enter to win a REMfresh LITE bundle below. Three winners will be chosen on March 29, 2019.