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REMfresh® Top FAQs

Tracking information for every REMfresh order is sent to the email provided upon purchase. If you created an account while purchasing, please login and click on ‘Orders’, a purchase note with the tracking information will be provided per order. Orders are shipped via FEDEX and status updates can be viewed using the FEDEX tracking tool on the following page

When patients take REMfresh®, they may feel ready for sleep within 30 minutes to 90 minutes. If they wake up in the middle of the night while taking REMfresh®, they may find it easier to fall back asleep than with other melatonin products because of the unique release and absorption technology in REMfresh®. It is recommended that patients take REMfresh® when they are aiming for a fuller night’s sleep. The active ingredient in REMfresh®, melatonin, is neutralized by your patients’ morning production of cortisol. REMfresh®  is designed so patients wake up refreshed.

REMfresh®  has no added gluten, nuts, shellfish, or dairy products. REMfresh®  does contain dextrose monohydrate which is derived from wheat. Dextrose monohydrate is gluten free and is often used in gluten-free foods as a sweetener.

To receive patient samples, please call 1-617-470-8412, email or visit


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Start with 1 caplet of REMfresh®  30 to 90 minutes before desired bedtime. You should instruct your patients to titrate up until they achieve their desired results. Labeling suggests not to exceed 10 mg per night. REMfresh®  can be taken with or without food. REMfresh®  works best as part of a patient’s individualized Sleep Hygiene Cycle™.

Everyone reacts differently to melatonin. A study done with a 2 mg prolonged release melatonin product in Europe shows it should be taken up to 3 weeks to allow a fuller effect.17

No conclusive evidence is available. In the REMAKTTM trial, the treatment emergent adverse events (TEAE’s) in the conventional melatonin arm numbered 5 while the REMfresh®  arm had none. All 5 TEAE’s were CNS and GI in nature. The Cmax in the conventional melatonin arm was more than 23x the targeted maintenance threshold of 1000 pg/ml while the Cmax of REMfresh®  was less than 5x.

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