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The Science of a Good Tomorrow™

Q: What is melatonin?

A: Melatonin is the body’s own sleep hormone. It plays an important role in sleep regulation.

Q: Why do people take melatonin?

A: Studies have show that melatonin may help some people fall sleep faster. A European study of a prolonged release melatonin demonstrated both improvement in sleep quality and morning alertness. An additional study showed increased sleep time.

Q: How much sleep does someone need anyway?

A: The number of hours of sleep needed to feel refreshed can vary from person to person. It’s important to keep in mind that the quality of sleep can be just as important as the quantity. However a National Institute of Health (NIH) study indicated that 7 hours was the ideal amount of time of sleep for most people.

Q: My body already produces melatonin. Why do I need more?

A: Studies show that the amount of melatonin produced by the body decreases with age. Supplementing the body’s supply of melatonin can help some people experiencing occasional sleeplessness sleep better.

Q: Is taking melatonin safe?

A: Melatonin, being the body’s own sleep ingredient, has a well-established profile of use. Like with every new product you may take, you should consult with your physician.

Q: Does melatonin have any side effects?

A: No serious side effects have been reported in association with taking melatonin. Non-serious side effects are uncommon. Always consult with your physician before starting any new supplement or medication. Individual results may vary.

Q: How is REMfresh different than other melatonin products?

A: No other melatonin product has been shown to have a 7 hour release and absorption profile. REMfresh’s patented Ion-Powered Pump™ delivery technology helps support a deep and refreshing sleep throughout the night.

Q: How is REMfresh different from sleep products that don’t contain melatonin?

A: Unlike some other non-melatonin sleep products, melatonin hasn’t been shown to cause memory problems, drug hangover, or unusual night occurrences, such as sleepwalking.

Q: Is REMfresh addictive?

A: In clinical trials, Melatonin supplements have not been shown to be habit-forming.

Q: Does REMfresh cause a drug hangover feeling?

A: Since REMfresh is not a drug it should not cause any drug hangover.

Q: How do I take REMfresh?

A: Take one to two tablets 30 minutes before bedtime. Don’t crush or chew the tablet. Follow specific dosing instructions found on the back of the box.

Q: How long can I take REMfresh?

A: As with almost all supplements, no specific chronic use data is available. Please consult with your phyician.

Q: Will melatonin interact with other medications?

A: As with almost all supplements, no comprehensive drug interaction studies have been done with melatonin. Please consult with your physician.

Q: Can REMfresh be taken by children or pregnant women?

A: REMfresh is not labeled for use by children under the age of 18 or by pregnant or nursing women. Please consult your physician.

Q: Is REMfresh covered by health insurance?

A: Like many supplements available today, REMfresh isn’t covered by health insurance.

Q: Do I need a prescription to buy REMfresh?

A: No, REMfresh is a dietary supplement available over the counter or here.

Q: I have certain food allergies and sensitivities; can I take REMfresh?

A: REMfresh has no added gluten, nuts, fish or dairy products.

Q: What type of starch is used in REMfresh? 

A: Corn starch.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: If, for any reason, the product purchased through www.REMfresh.com does not meet your expectations simply return it to us within 30 days of purchase and we will issue a full refund to your original method of payment. It’s that simple!

Send proof of purchase as well as unused product to the below address.

Return Address:

REMfresh® Returns Department
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Boca Raton, FL 33496

Note: We cannot accept returns from third party pharmacies or other online retailers.
*Policy is subject to change

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