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2mg REMfresh Meltonin


The first and only continuous release and absorption melatonin.

The Sleep Specialist®

From Physician’s Seal, the Sleep Specialists.

Calm the Restless Mind

REMfresh® helps you fall asleep faster.


As we age the amount of melatonin released in the body decreases.

Pass the Clear Head Test

REMfresh® helps you wake up refreshed without a drug hangover effect.

Ion-Powered Melatonin

REMfresh® ’s Ion-Powered Melatonin is continuously released and absorbed
throughout the intestinal tract to provide up to 7 hours of sleep support.

The Science of a Good Tomorrow

Clinically tested and reliable.

Ion Powered Pump

A technology system utilizing a hydrogel matrix to maintain pH within the tablet below 4.0 for 7 hours.