There are a lot of sleep supplements on the market today. In one sense, this is great. More variety means more choice, which allows you to research different products before determining which one is best for you. At the same time, you only need one sleep supplement, and all that choice can be overwhelming.

What makes REMfresh different from all your other options?

First, the fact that it’s a melatonin sleep supplement gives it an advantage over many of the drugs that are available with a prescription. While using prescription sleep medication, you aren’t able to drink. As well, there’s a risk for pregnant women that at the very least can’t be ruled out.

The fact is, many of these drugs weren’t created for the purpose of achieving better sleep. Instead, better sleep was a side effect that allowed the drugs to be remarketed as sleep medication. Antidepressants, antihistamines, and benzodiazepines all might help you get a better night’s sleep. But they weren’t designed specifically for that reason, and their various side effects can cause everything from weight gain to next-day grogginess.

Melatonin sleep supplements are often the right fit for people with sleep disorders because they are designed to work in tandem with your body, giving you more of the hormone that determines when it’s time to go to bed and when it’s time to wake up.

Unfortunately, research has shown that other melatonin products are absorbed mostly in the stomach. This means your body can’t absorb the hormone for the full seven hours that are required for a good night’s rest.

Here’s where REMfresh’s innovation is important. Its Ion-Powered Pump technology is proven to release melatonin for the full seven hours. It’s not just absorbed in the stomach, it’s absorbed throughout your body. This means REMfresh mimics your body’s natural melatonin absorption rate.

Even better, REMfresh’s melatonin is a high-quality, 99.9% pure melatonin sourced from Western Europe. With other melatonin sleep supplements, you can’t be sure of their purity. An independent supplement testing and ratings service found that, among the 30 best-selling melatonin products in 2015, the melatonin levels were between 1% to 147% as strong as their labels claimed. Some of these supplements are shipped from China and India, while others don’t even disclose the origin of their melatonin.

As we’ve endeavoured to show, REMfresh is a melatonin sleep supplement designed to help you get a better night’s rest. Its pure melatonin and Ion-Powered Pump technology make it unique in the market.