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REMfresh® Frequently Asked Questions


Q: If there is a high Cmax, can there be tolerability issues with conventional melatonin?

A: No conclusive evidence is available. In the REMAKT trial, the treatment emergent adverse events (TEAE’s) in the conventional melatonin arm numbered 5 while the REMfresh® arm had none. All five TEAE’s were CNS or GI in nature. The Cmax in the conventional melatonin arm was more than 23x the targeted maintenance threshold of 1000 pg/ml while the Cmax of REMfresh® was less than 5x.

Q: How do my patients take REMfresh®?

A: We suggest patients start with one 2 mg or 5 mg caplet of REMfresh® 30 to 60 minutes before desired bedtime. You should instruct your patients to titrate up until they achieved their desired results. Labeling suggest not to exceed 10mg per night. REMfresh® can be taken with or without food. REMfresh® works best as part of a patients individualized Sleep Hygiene Cycle™.

Everyone reacts differently to melatonin. A study done with a 2mg prolonged release melatonin product in Europe shows it may take up to 3 weeks to allow a fuller effect of melatonin.

Q: How will my patients feel when taking REMfresh®?

A: When patients take REMfresh®, they may feel ready for sleep within 30 minutes to an hour.† If they wake
-up in the middle of the night while taking REMfresh® they may find it easier to fall asleep than with other melatonin products because of the unique release and absorption technology in REMfresh®†. It is recommended the patient take REMfresh® when they are aiming for a fuller night’s sleep. The active ingredient in REMfresh®, melatonin, is neutralized by your patients morning production of cortisol. REMfresh® is designed so patients wake up refreshed.†

Q: If my patients have certain food allergies and sensitivities; can they take REMfresh®?

A: REMfresh® has no added gluten, nuts, shellfish, or dairy products.

Q: Do I need to prescribe REMfresh® to my patients?

A: No. REMfresh® is available without a prescription at select drug stores and on REMfresh.com and Amazon.com.

Q: How can I get REMfresh® patient samples for my office?

A: To receive office samples please fill out the form below.

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