Why REMfresh®

Unlike other melatonin products, REMfresh’s patented Ion-Powered Pump™ technology releases melatonin continuously for up to 7 hours, mimicking the body’s natural release of melatonin.

This may help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and experience better quality sleep.

#1 Sleep Doctor Recommended

REMfresh® melatonin is trusted not only by our consumers, but also by dozens of experts who specialize in sleep science. After years of clinical studies, sleep specialists have rated REMfresh® as the #1 recommended modified-release melatonin brand.

This accreditation is the result of a 2017 study. QuintileIMS conducted a nationwide survey among 700 primary care physicians board certified in sleep disorders. Participants ranked REMfresh® as the top modified release melatonin brand for managing sleep. For individuals struggling with occasional sleeplessness, REMfresh® can help you fall asleep and stay asleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

7 Hour Sleep Support

Most individuals need 7 hours of sleep to maintain their overall health and well-being, yet one-third of American adults are falling short. REMfresh® was developed to support up to 7 hours of quality sleep to help combat the effects of occasional sleeplessness so you can sleep and live better.

Formulated with patented Ion-Powered Pump™ technology, REMfresh® continually releases melatonin throughout the night, mimicking your body’s natural production of the sleep hormone, helping you fall asleep and stay asleep.

99% Pure UltraMel® Melatonin

REMfresh® is formulated with exclusive, high-quality ingredients to help combat your occasional sleeplessness and help you sleep better. Developed with 99% ultra-pure UltraMel® melatonin sourced from Western Europe and made exclusively for the makers of REMfresh®, you can expect consistent results with our superior formulation.

Additionally, REMfresh® melatonin is continuously delivered to support up to 7 hours of sleep. Using our Ion-Powered Pump™ technology, REMfresh® mimics your body’s natural melatonin production to improve your sleep quality and duration.

Clinical and Real-World Data

The clinical and real-world data behind REMfresh® is unprecedented for any melatonin product offered in the United States. REMfresh®’s 7-hour innovation is supported by three lanes of clinical proof. First is the breakthrough 7-hour Pharmacokinetic Data (REMAKT), second is the depth of real-world patient-reported data found in REMVAL and REMSS, and finally the REMSU24 study, one of the few large-scale adverse event reports on melatonin that has been peer reviewed, which points to REMfresh's outstanding safety profile.4

Works Long

The only Melatonin
with 7-Hour action


REMfresh exceeded the targeted sleep maintenance threshold.1

Works Safely

No Pattern Of Side Effects
No Concern on Safety Profile


In a study, 99.4 percent of patients indicated they were likely or very likely to continue taking REMfresh® for their sleep issues.2

Works with Quality

Quality Ingredients, Pharmaceutical
- Quality Manufacturing


Over 5,000 physicians are recommending REMfresh®.3

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#1 Sleep Doctor Recommended Sleep Aid Brand

At REMfresh®, we understand just how important it is to provide our consumers with a product that is trusted not only by them, but by dozens of experts in the field of sleep science. REMfresh® has been clinically tested and examined extensively over the years, making this melatonin sleep aid a reliable choice for individuals looking to treat their occasional sleeplessness and wake up feeling refreshed.

Other sleep supplement brands can’t say the same about their products. And it is not just the sleep specialists involved in REMfresh® studies who endorse our supplement. We are continuously reaching out to doctors across the country through trade shows, sampling programs and direct mail to put our products in the hands of some of the country’s most influential physicians specializing in sleep.

The market for melatonin sleep supplements continues to grow, and there are products available for purchase that offer inflated claims but deliver unsubstantial results. While there are a lot of sleep aids available for purchase, REMfresh® is the only modified-release melatonin product that is favored by board-certified sleep specialists throughout the nation. With REMfresh®, you can feel safe about the choice you made for your melatonin supplement.

The Mesa Wave™ Pattern

REMfresh’s patented Ion-Powered Pump™ technology releases high-quality melatonin continuously throughout the night, mimicking the body’s natural release profile.

In some other products, melatonin release peaks after the first few hours of sleep and decreases sharply thereafter.

REMfresh’s release pattern of melatonin throughout the night resembles a mesa – a flat-topped hill with steep sides. It’s estimated that one-third of adults have occasional difficulty falling or staying asleep. This may be because their body is no longer producing this Mesa Wave™ pattern of melatonin release.