Sleep Better this Summer Giveaway: WIN REMfresh® Bundle Pack & the Purple® Pillow

Sleep Better this Summer Giveaway: WIN REMfresh® Bundle Pack & the Purple® Pillow

Jul 20, 2019

Summer is finally here, and the last thing on your mind most likely is sleep, especially if you have travel plans over the next few months. The excitement of enjoying the beach, BBQs, and epic getaways this summer can easily keep you up at night, but it is important to prioritize your sleep so you can enjoy every activity the season has to offer.

The #1 Sleep Doctor Recommended REMfresh® can help make falling asleep and staying asleep much easier this summer and for every night to come.

REMfresh is more than a continuous-release melatonin; it is the only sleep aid using Advanced Ion-Powered Melatonin™ to regulate your sleep and wake cycles. REMfresh mimics your body’s natural production of melatonin by utilizing patented Ion-Powered Pump™ technology to continuously deliver high-quality melatonin for up to 7 hours.

If you’ve been struggling with occasional sleeplessness, don’t miss out on your chance to win a REMfresh® Bundle Pack to help you improve your summer slumber, along with a Purple® Pillow – an innovative pillow developed with reinforced edges and temperature-neutral material, perfect for bringing along on your next vacation.

Our bundle pack will include all three of our ultra-pure, clinically tested sleep aids:
REMfresh 2 mg, REMfresh 5 mg and our latest product, REMfresh LITE, with only 0.5 mg of melatonin. HURRY, this giveaway ends August 1st, 2019. One winner will be chosen on August 2nd, 2019