REMfresh®: #1 Sleep Doctor Recommended Melatonin Sleep Aid

At REMfresh, we understand just how important it is to provide our consumers with a product that is trusted not only by them, but by dozens of experts in the field of sleep science.  REMfresh has been clinically tested and examined extensively over the years, making this sleep aid a reliable choice for individuals looking to treat their occasional sleeplessness and wake up feeling refreshed. In addition to being backed by multiple research studies, REMfresh has grown to be the #1 recommended modified-release melatonin by sleep specialists.

Other sleep supplement brands can’t say the same about their products. And it is not just the sleep specialists involved in REMfresh studies who endorse our supplement. We are continuously reaching out to doctors across the country through trade shows, sampling programs and direct mail to put our products in the hands of some of the country’s most influential physicians specializing in sleep.

How We Were Ranked as the #1 Sleep Doctor Recommended Melatonin

In 2017, QuintilesIMS, a clinical research and health information technologies company, conducted a nationwide survey among 700 primary care physicians who are board certified in sleep disorders. In the survey, REMfresh was ranked as the #1 recommended modified-release melatonin brand for managing an individual’s sleep. The term “modified-release” melatonin, is comprised of an expansive continuum of sleep aid products classified as extended release. This includes “continuous-release,” timed-release” and “sustained-release” products.

The market for melatonin sleep supplements continues to grow, and there are products available for purchase that offer inflated claims but deliver unsubstantial results. While there are a lot of sleep aids available for purchase, REMfresh is the only modified-release melatonin product that is favored by board-certified sleep specialists throughout the nation. With REMfresh, you can feel safe about the choice you made for your melatonin supplement.